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LED multi color bar waterproof 2 foot bar


LED multi color bar waterproof


warrenledlighting.com what you are getting., LED muticolor waterproof alm bar light with RGB controllor in 4 foot and 2 foot bar. lights are waterproof and made from the best alum and polycarbonate, these lights are great for all applications including out doors lakes, water falls, pools, house and landscapes. indoors such as under cabinet, bar lighting is very popular! Mounting, The back of the lights come with weatherproof 3M pell and stick backing.( NOTE our lights are solid and do not bend but are made out of aluminum and come with 12v power supply with 120v plug) lights can be turned to almost any color you choose, controllor comes with many preset lighting effects such as many types of color fading, White strobe, full speed and dim/bright on/offcontrol, on this listing lights come in two sizes of 2ft and 4ft but these lights can be made just for you up to 8ft sections and we can offer discounts on larger orders, these lights retail in our 39 stores at $35.00 per foot plus $45.00 for the controllor thats a value of $115.00 but you only pay $49.99 and get the controllor free! please keep in mind that these lights are custom made in our factory in US. MO. and even though we make it here we are able to offer these very competitive prices to you are Valued costumer. Go to warrenledlighting.com to see our lights in action! Our lights are only made by us and are patented desigin which can only be bought from Warren Company for our lights are unique.

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